Friday, May 13, 2005


Well, its been a week now since Kingdom of Heaven came out and even though I watched it the same day, have been feeling quite lazy to come on in here and write even if just a few lines. The movie was 'alright' as far as I can tell. It, however, didn't quite make the Ridley Scott movie impact on me personally (don't know about others) as I had thought it would. Lets say when Gladiator and Black Hawk Down came out, my expectations were fully met and I gave them 9.5 on a scale of 10. For KOH, being generous, I'd give it a 7!

Somehow the movie didn't quite have the cohesiveness that one looks for in an epic like this. Its like during the movie you get this really awkward feeling of being cut from one scene and take a leap on to another one and then cut from that and back to another scene without them being interlinked well. As far as accuracy with history goes, hmm... lets just say its a movie so there's quite a bit of fiction involved (apparently its not a documentary) and in balancing the movie to avoid harsh criticism, Ridley seems to have shown the Crusaders as a bit too good than any of them actually were!

Balian wasn't quite the Saladin of the Christians as he is portrayed (to offset the real (Muslim) Saladin), being all so chivalric and moderate. Nearly all who came with the crusades to the Muslim lands were blood thirsty scavengers who'd do anything to spill Muslim blood (awaiting the slightest excuse if the two sides weren't involved in direct hostilities - like the time period the movie is set in). Anywayz, the 7 I gave is certainly a bit more than the movie actually deserves so it should suffice even the die-hard Ridley fan!


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